Sapore Italian Restaurant Review (NUS Utown)

Value for money: 4/5
– Portion size: 4.5/5
– Food quality: 4/5
Service level: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Will I visit again: yes

Sapore existed in Utown throughout my 4 years of university life. I only ate there twice in my 4 years because it was quite pricey for a student to pay above $10 for a meal. But in my last year, I heard that they have student set meal where you get a pasta/ pizza + drink + soup of the day for $6.90 onwards.

I had quite a good experience during my first two visits even without the set meal so i decided to specially go down to Utown in a Saturday after work has started to try out their set meal.

Since I’m now a working adult, I opted for the more expensive set meal at $16.90, which meant I get a more tasty and fancy sounding pasta 😋 I was a little worried that the pasta wouldn’t meet my standards because I’m an avid pasta eater so I’ve eaten many kinds of pasta and I’m not entirely sure a restaurant on campus would serve delicious food. Thankfully, I’m wrong.

The soup of the day was pumpkin soup. The portion is small but that’s a typical size for soup that comes in a set meal. I choose an apple juice drink (comes from a carton and not freshly squeezed). The soup was delicious. It was thick enough although I would personally like it thicker. My take on western cream soup is: the thicker the better.


For my pasta, I had the Tagliatelle Salmone in Pink Sauce. My friend had the Tagliolini Con Pancetta e Piselli. Both are under the $16.90 set meal. The Tagliolini pasta sounds extremely fanciful doesn’t it? Italian has that effect on food. But basically it just means Tagliolini with bacon, green peas, mushroom, ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. And of course, salmone stands for salmon so no surprises for guessing what my pasta is.

Tagliatelle Salmone was creamy goodness. Because of the cream, I was absolutely full before I finished the pasta. The salmon was also nicely cooked – still tender enough and not too dry. As for the tagliatelle pasta, I love it! The texture goes perfectly well with the cream sauce – especially since it’s slightly curvy, it’ll trap the cream sauce between each curve. I have decided to learn to cook this dish myself some day. 😋


(It’s the pasta at the front)

Tagliolini Con Pancetta e Piselli tasted better than it’s English translation 😋 I only tried one mouth of it but I can tell this is good pasta 🙂 And also, it is more picture worthy because of the different colors on the plate. 😂


(It’s the pasta at the front in case you didn’t realize what I meant by more colorful 😂)

One awesome thing about eating at restaurants on campus is that you get 10% off if you’re a NUS student/ staff etc. Although you don’t get the discount if it’s already a set meal. If you’re a Tembusu student with the Tembusu card, you get special prices for beers (Tembusu card also gives you 10% off at Hwang’s Korean restaurant 👍🏼)

The only bad thing about this restaurant is it’s location – NUS Utown isn’t a very easily accessible place for the public. I think what Sapore needs to do is to target the NUS student even more aggressively (say for the lowest tier pasta, make it $5.90 without set meal and then make it $6.90 for a drink + soup).

On a sidenote: Needless to say, the Pizza Hut at utown is definitely losing business to Sapore (I foresee it’s closure). It’s student set meal is about the same price and quality BUT the food is served in disposable plates and cutleries. Doesn’t make for a very enjoyable meal. Pizza Hut’s service level is also non-existent – it’s self service.

That’s all for Sapore! If you’re a NUS student or staff, please give it a try! 😊 Don’t overlook the restaurants that are on campus 🙂


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